At The Bow Window Coffee Shop and Cafe we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of products we sell to our customers.  Here a little bit more information about our main suppliers

MarimbaOur Hot Chocolate Melt by Marimba are quite simply the world’s best hot chocolate!  Made from real chocolate flakes (not cocoa powder) and with natural ingredients results in a richer, smoother more indulgent hot chocolate and is available in milk, white and dark varieties.  Why not try a hot chocolate melt with a dash of flavoured syrups designed for chocolate lovers – flavours include Hazelnut Praline, Chilli, Natural Mint, Cerisette Cherry and Salted Caramel. 


ZINZIE   is a small home- based cake business in Faversham, Kent, with a focus on an ever-changing menu from many different sources and influences.  There is an emphasis on flavour combinations, experimentation based on lots of research and also really good ingredients.  All cakes  are made with organic eggs from Woodpecker Farm in Chilham, and where possible fresh fruit is locally sourced and we use organic flour and chocolate is of the highest quality.